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  1. Seat stuffing question
  2. so people don't know how to signal and turn.
  3. Grillcraft grill
  4. FA5 question - rear windows
  5. Help. Vote your opinion
  6. FD1 chrome fugly front grill,shall i paint it ? *opinions needed*
  7. Aftermarket Seat - Driver's side only
  8. Help! Si grille on a 4 door Lx
  9. New SI just got hit..need bumper, help plz
  10. LED newb question
  11. Polished Valve cover.
  12. I'm new at this, can someone help?
  13. Tints
  14. License plate mod?
  15. What do you think? JDM emblem or not??
  16. How Do You Think This Spoiler Would Look
  17. will it fit?
  18. Door Handle Scratches????
  19. What should I buy?...extra cash wants to be spent ;)
  20. Center Caps
  21. hood spacers or no hood spacers?
  22. question on hfp front lip
  23. SI to JDM FD1 project
  24. Question about civic seats...
  25. Sedan Decklid Spoiler Questions
  26. Opinions of future mods
  27. Removing airbag question please help
  28. need opinions!!!
  29. FBP Bats eyelids anyone???
  30. how to remove bottom grille of the front bumper????
  31. about tint ticket
  32. Red Honda Emblem
  33. Factory tints
  34. Awesome Deal on Mugen GPs!
  35. grills...
  36. Keyhole Covers
  37. Heres a quick question...
  38. HFP Kit all around or just Front & Rear for the FA5 ?
  39. eyelids
  40. What to do, what to do?!
  41. thinking of removing my HFP lips. should I?
  42. Is there a stock % of tint on the EX-L sedan?
  43. Mugen Si Sport Grill fit Coupe Si?
  44. HFP Front lip Kit
  45. Dreaming.....
  46. CSX questions....
  47. guys please help me
  48. So. Cal no third brake light problem with cops
  49. any one notice.....
  50. Help with Shift Boot Collar...
  51. New TWM Shift Boot
  52. no warrenty on AC??
  53. CF Gas door?
  54. Different Splash/Mud Guards
  55. Pics of your 8th Gen Civic
  56. CSX to Civic direct conversion possible?
  57. Lower grille and fog lights?
  58. Honda emblem
  59. Were can I buy these fog lights?
  60. Navi screen clear overlay??
  61. Second Skin: Under the hood
  62. Question about a few Mugen RR interior goodies
  63. Mugen-si style rear spoiler - for coupes?
  64. sidemarker bulb question
  65. Fog Light Gaurd Question
  66. 07 Si Sedan - Body kits??
  67. ASM SI+GRFXP+ Bat's Overlays= Sexy Time
  68. AIT Racing Carbon Fiber Hoods = Cheap *Updated with VID*
  69. JDM emblems
  70. Abs plastic bodykit?
  71. What websites do you guys visit for your parts??
  72. $200 Gas Card! Scenes from a Fit Part 2
  73. Performance Chip
  74. What is under driver's seat?
  75. Love it or Hate it. Eyelids for the Sedan
  76. need help cleaning bride seats!!!
  77. blacked out tail light covers?
  78. Led Dome Lights
  79. civic emblem with c backwards
  80. Trunk Keyhole protector?
  81. Automatic Shift Knobs??
  82. DIY: Harman & Kardon Drive & Play ipod kit, cheap gps unit mount.
  83. civic si emblems
  84. Skunk2 Shift Knob Question
  85. wing rem.
  86. I need help with seats!
  87. Headlight and Tail Light tints ARE illegal in Florida!
  88. someone pleaseeee buy this before i do!
  89. FS: 5 speed Skunk2 shift knob
  90. Anyone have this lip with pics
  91. Leather steering wheel
  92. Headlight tints....I need an opinion please!!
  93. This is the body kit im getting
  94. Would Rsx-s Seats fit into 08 si??
  95. Type R Front End conv but not a rear end?
  96. Polished My Knob
  97. Removing DX/LX/EX Spoiler...?
  98. FA5 Body kits
  99. Going racing seat, what to do about the seatbelt?
  100. mugen side skirts???!!
  101. Anyone got Pics of Honda Civic 06+ sedan Mugen Style?
  102. Who came up with this idea the first place?
  103. cost for tints
  104. carbon fiber hood
  105. Hood damper - one of a kind
  106. install oem seat covers?
  107. Custom Civic type r COUPE?
  108. Glare problem during night driving with tinting
  109. New Body Kits
  110. Lost Keys
  111. DIY:JDM style Dipstick
  112. Has anyone swapped full interior colours? IE - Ivory to grey?
  113. Body Kit
  114. Will 2 door mud guards fit 4 door civic
  115. Tinted coupe cutout tailights done, thanks Blue!
  116. Took an interesting survey yesterday!
  117. TWM Performance
  118. Quick question on honda dealer
  119. 8thcivic decal
  120. Black HFP Coupe with Mugen GP's
  121. Anyone bought exhaust tips from these guys...
  122. EX spoiler Upgrade
  123. CollegeHillsHonda is........
  124. Glue to restick "Civic" enblem
  125. hood
  126. Question about Type R Rear bumper
  127. where can i put my benen front tow hook.. pics please
  128. HFP lip kit Majestic Vs College Hills
  129. FA5 front lip suggestion
  130. Interior LEDs
  131. Custom Gauge pod and Grill
  132. Tail light Overlay FA5 + Reverse cut out!
  133. ATTN: people with 08 coupes
  134. red honda symbol center cap decals
  135. Racing seats/harness Setup
  136. 2005 preview of 8th gen civic is RIDICULOUS
  137. Type R Front Sedan Bumper?
  138. What color to paint my drums???
  139. Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler
  140. Dash
  141. Hood Insulator for CF Hood
  142. will this work with my jdm type r front bumper
  143. Where else can I buy hfp front lip
  144. Quick question about the lettering on the mirror
  145. Carbon Fiber On Fiji Blue
  146. HFP 17" Carbon Bronze Wheels - 12 Promotional Sets Left!
  147. Wht Diff Colors For Brake Calipers
  148. Need Opinions! Si Spoiler or Mugen Replica?
  149. anyone else installed these?
  150. FD2 Seat Rails?
  151. Why dont the sedans get anything like this?
  152. Windows squeaking after tinted????
  153. Windows squeaking after tinted????
  154. si spoiler?
  155. How to remove dealership emblem?
  156. Pics of light window tint
  157. Window Tinting pros, please help me out
  158. Extended Warranty Question...
  159. WARNING: Parts & Accessories going up again!
  160. Front HFP Lip Question
  161. Color Cordination Advice
  162. new pics of canards with splitter
  163. Picture of FD2 with eyelids?
  164. Black or Gunmetal w/ fbp lip???
  165. Help finding a pic...
  166. mugen rr kit/conversion
  167. where can I get the cheapest Mugen visor?
  168. About that inner fender...
  169. How to remove spoiler, FA5?
  170. Help with tinted back lights!
  171. Help...
  172. JDM Looking Civic FD
  173. ebay oem fogs $35?
  174. New Shift Knob from
  175. Those without splash guards, please help!
  176. Car makeover
  177. Dealer prices on HFP body kit
  178. just got my apr canards
  179. OEM or Mugen Style Window Visors
  180. Mugen RR Style Diffuser
  181. badge problem
  182. questions??
  183. Front lip Question
  184. Touren Body Kit and Ti-c Exhaust
  185. What would you do!?!?!?
  186. So I covered my dash
  187. Painting Fog Lights
  188. Removing spray tint????
  189. Non-carbon fiber hoods?
  190. How much should i pay for FD2 seats?
  191. Need some opinions please..side lip or not??
  192. Drunk Driver did this
  193. Will the front lip cover this?
  194. Anyone been to Japan?
  195. tribal side graphics....opinions?
  196. Question
  197. Mugen Wing
  198. Conversions....
  199. Roof Spoiler
  200. Who makes the best CF hoods
  202. Check out this Mugen...
  203. Jeshua
  204. Painted front bumpers on EBAY
  205. Space under foglight switch
  206. JDM Emblem Front Part #?
  207. Front Grille For Sedan?
  208. Front Spoiler Question
  209. My possible next mods...
  210. michelin wiper blades
  211. How well will this help
  212. Pics of Spoilers
  213. Anyone have this spoiler?? FD2R
  214. Red Tow Hook
  215. HFP lip spacers?
  216. ordered a few new goodies today
  217. know who makes this kit?
  218. CF interior panel
  219. Dropping my ride.. What should I drop it on?
  220. help me out!
  221. ZOMG! Bats overlays for the sedan!
  222. Body kit for the Fa5
  223. Good Deal or Bad?
  224. plastic covering tach
  225. HFP Body kit question
  226. which looks better?
  227. Interior paiting
  228. Got my new HFP lip from College Hills and it came like this...
  229. Leather Seats!!
  230. About to embark on hfp lip kit install i have some questions?
  231. Questions on HFP Exhaust for 08 FA5
  232. Opinions on my Tint Job?
  233. Looking for a Body Kit for a friend...
  234. possible to put 2dr front end onto the 4dr sedan?
  235. Is there a thread of everyone with painted oem rims
  236. idea for heavier stock shift knob
  237. White or Black rims for my NHBP
  238. Medical Exemptions for window tinting? (Virginia)
  239. any pics of clean "JDM" FG's???
  240. How would these look?
  241. My GraffiXpressions Mods. Thanks Blue Rocket!
  242. Carbon Fiber Roof
  243. POLL: J's Style Front Lip or APR Front Wind Splitter?
  244. Crazzzyyy Asss Idea..
  245. j's ebay knockoffs
  246. J's Racing Lip Replica
  247. Spoon Sport
  248. Where can I get red emblems for my 2006 coupe si
  249. Does anyone know where i can find this Rare HONDA emblem?
  250. how can i remove weight