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Inside and Out

  1. What do you guys think of this?
  2. messed up the sticker. pissed.
  3. Just ordered HFP front and rear!!!!!
  4. FD2 Type R Seats on Ebay
  5. advice
  6. What tint % should i get?
  7. Long vs. Short Shift Knobs
  8. Anybody with the clear bra in MD?
  9. Are there any horns available for this car?
  10. STEERING WHEEL cover
  11. painting splash guards?
  12. Seibon C/F hood help ASAP!!!!
  13. Installing Katzkin in SI
  14. Mugen vs HFP side skirts
  15. jdm emblem n00b question..
  16. Mugen Replica Sides! 2dr
  17. Honda civic duckbill?
  18. Couple pics of prev proj in progress
  19. Parts im getting Help!!
  20. Input on brake calipers
  21. Would these fit?
  22. Sun visor warning stickers
  23. need help deciding
  24. tint question
  25. Interior Trim packages
  26. Need Help...
  27. Upholstry help
  28. hfp side skirts...
  29. Interior Lights
  30. Langka Blob Eliminator
  31. Taking off the excess wax?
  32. Door Window Visor Help!
  33. Lamin-x before and after
  34. Broke piece in doorpanal
  35. rear hfp lip
  36. Where I can buy a Large Red H emblem for my 06 Honda civic
  37. Insanely high prices on CTR seats on ebay
  38. Password JDM license plate relocator
  39. HONDA finally releases the 09 sedan pricing and pics
  40. tail light tint?
  41. Painted Honda Emblems
  42. Polished oil caps
  43. 4 door to 2 door mirrors
  44. Custom Carbon Roof?
  45. Want to lower my car
  46. Which color to go with?
  47. Kit identification
  48. Wow... Type R...
  49. Do i Have The Right?
  50. black plastic piece
  51. Change Dash Readout Color
  52. Side Mirrors
  53. Does anyone else have no Paint under trunk and in trunk jams?
  54. si spoiler?
  55. The NSR body kit from
  56. Need to knows about Carbon Hood Install?
  57. DIY: Switching seats - All or most questions answered
  58. Does anyone know how to make carbon fiber parts?
  59. si rims
  60. How to take the grill out?
  61. Modified R18's in india
  62. Do our coat hooks really suck this much?
  63. clear headlights and jdm fogs
  64. carbon fiber fenders
  65. Looking for a New Clean looking front bumper
  66. Official Interior Picture Thread!!!
  67. Squash air freshener.. CS-X3 vs. Veneto??
  68. cheaply built civic...
  69. New headlight help on ebay
  70. Difference between...
  71. headlight help
  72. Help with interior..
  73. LED Windshield Washer Nozzle
  74. window water damage.
  75. help finding bolts
  76. Wiper Connection Type? Help Me Look For Nice Wipers Please
  77. SI driver side inside door handle part number
  78. VIS Terminator Hood
  79. Very pissed off about my tint
  80. scratched my front lip..fix it or leave it be?
  81. What wheels and tires?
  82. shocker wheel decals?
  83. Trunk lid liner missing for 08?
  84. Dress up kits
  85. 3m Color Stable 35% DARK Tint All around
  86. Dash kit colors
  87. carbon fiber gas lid
  88. Just venting on style...
  89. Were is the love for my FG2NHBP Brothers?
  90. Black Dipstick
  91. Civic Type-R Conversion
  92. mugen rain guards
  93. DIY for the NRG carbon fiber grill for 06-08 Civic Si coupe
  94. Desperately seeking a GG coupe Si trunk lid
  95. should i jump on this deal
  96. All-Season Mats Pics
  97. Installing HFP Sides
  98. What does your Welcome Message say?
  99. How far do you drive with painters tape?
  100. "Mugen style" sides with F&R HFP lip
  101. Anyone have a picture of a trunk after remove lip spoiler
  102. New grill Option
  103. Ohio '06 Si joins APR splitter club
  104. Can someone update the Squad decal for Texas, its so generic.
  105. Post up your carbon fiber hoods!!!!!
  106. I post this in the wrong section anyway...
  107. s2000 seats
  108. Anyone know approx $$$ for paint job?
  109. Some help...?
  110. little tab near shifter???
  111. Top Rear Window Spoiler
  112. sedan lip measurement
  113. ViS Racing CF spoiler
  114. wheel paint codes?
  115. Si trunk source for LX
  116. Bike racks for a coupe?
  117. First spy shots of the 09 Sedan front end
  118. carbon creations?
  119. Rear Ended by a F250 :(
  120. license plate on 08 SI
  121. Cheapest place to buy........
  122. some new seibon parts
  123. NST Pullies vs Stock Weight.Also what you need to do if runing a Ingalls stiffy.
  124. Does anyone have this front bumper?
  125. Installing HFP Front on Coupe
  126. should i scotch guard my si seats??????
  127. CF front grill?
  128. need opinions on....
  129. Will 06-07 fog lights fit a 08 mugen si?
  130. Retro Civic
  131. Interior Project
  132. Finally! Bat's Non HFP Lip Overlay for the Sedan (PICS)!
  133. Reverse Tint
  134. Who can say MUUUUUGEN?
  135. Feedback on Vis Racing?
  136. Coupe bumper swap??
  137. DIY: EX door grips on an LX
  138. cheapest place to ordered the HFP front lip
  139. Seibon carbon fenders?
  140. Do huge spoilers really have no benifit on an fwd?
  141. How do-able do you think this is??
  142. CF shifter cover
  143. Call Me Rice... Fake CF included.
  144. Help with BodyKit
  145. Painted Calipers Red check it out!.........
  146. Mugen headrest cushions??
  147. "Higher" stock spoiler?
  148. Q: Wheres the Door Handle Key Plug Thread?
  149. Spoiler
  150. Recaro Seat Mounting/Brackets
  151. Favorite Body Kits FG2 ONLY
  152. JDM Honda models coming to the USA!
  153. flushmount wing
  154. Anybody have this Type R lip?
  155. New Body Kit...What do you think
  156. Aftermarket parts decals on your civic? post them now!
  157. any1 have this?
  158. License plate bracket question
  159. reflective windsheild for heat.
  160. center console insulator?
  161. Dreams: The Body Kit Series
  162. Music Link 2.0!
  163. 4k and some mods are being wanted...
  164. Post your Type R/Mugen/JDM Conversions
  165. dot matrix tint question
  166. CTR conversion: OEM hood vs CF hood
  167. Someone backed into my front bumper!!
  168. Loose door panels?
  169. pics of black or CF spoilers on TW
  170. need help please
  171. Window Tinting Advise
  172. New Trunk
  173. licence plate screw you know?
  174. Need to see pic of FG2 without back seats
  175. JDM Emblem from JDMLAND
  176. cargo net
  177. Caliper preference
  178. Venture Shield on NHBP Pics?
  179. graphix??
  180. looking for shift knob
  181. impulse buy this past weekend
  182. Which part would you powder coat?
  183. I recieved my HFP rear lip from CHH
  184. guages with guage pods
  185. gfxp emblem overlay question
  186. Will Splash Guards Change Paint Color Underneath?
  187. Can I and How Do I Get the Modulo Rear Lip?
  188. Bats Full Smoked Redout Taillight Overlay with Reverse Cutout! (PICS)
  189. Will it void my manafac warranty if I....
  190. Ebay body kit any good?
  191. Touch up paint?
  192. Got a new Coupe EX-L, Dont have alot of money what do I get?
  193. DIY: Bye Bye Ugly "Chrome" Civic R18 Sedan Grill (<$20)
  194. Coupe Coat hook
  195. Please Identify This Kit
  196. New 08' EXL need help with choosing tints
  197. August Video Contest from College Hills Honda
  198. decal
  199. Upholstery shop in NJ
  200. Mugen RR Style Body kit
  201. Wash+Clay Bar+Wax+Polish+Quick Photoshoot= One hot Civic!
  202. tint or si grille or fog lights??
  203. mugen civic si
  204. Did you put "scotchgard" on your seats?
  205. will there be a fade if i?
  206. New to these forums(Question)
  207. HFP Sedan rear lip. FA5 & FA1 Whats the difference?
  208. Door Sills for FA 4 DR
  209. 2006-2008 civic shift knob paint
  210. si grille on R18
  211. Can anyone tell me what each CF Hood is?
  212. Best price oem accessories... wheels, spoiler, etc...
  213. 09 Sedan Sneak Peek - Ready, Set, Discuss!
  214. HFP lip & Tail
  215. front lip
  216. civic coupe type-r body kit?
  217. LOL new stickers
  218. someone bonked my bumper, time for a body kit
  219. Help mounting sideskirts
  220. Where to get an H - GATE
  221. Broadway mirror tint or no tint
  222. how to bring back color of inside?
  223. Did some painting today.....
  224. Should I paint or not
  225. Arghhh my interior is soaked!
  226. REQUEST: black sedan with tsx rims
  227. Need an Opinion on picking a Grill
  228. Silver Civic Si Spoiler?
  229. FG2 rear seat removal with a twist..
  230. HFP Prices...
  231. Another Tint Question...(ceramic, 15% vs. 35%)
  232. Installed my HFP Lip, Love it !, but..
  233. trunk
  234. Caliper paint disaster!!! Help!!!
  235. PIC Request: Civic Si Sedan non-HFP front overlay?
  236. atomic civic 2d coupe
  237. Import Trenz Drag Spoiler in Si's OEM Holes
  238. ANyone In California Bay Area Swap Trunks?
  239. Sponsorships?
  240. Mod List Help
  241. When is it too late to clay?
  242. best lookling wheels on a 4D Habi
  243. Nailed a curb
  244. Showstoppersusa?? Anybody have any feedback on them?
  245. changing steering wheel, need a hub
  246. Disclaimer Inside!!!!
  247. Painting my valve cover, Need help!!!
  248. Mugen Visors
  249. HFP kit
  250. To ClearBra or Not to ClearBra, that is the question!