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Inside and Out

  1. Did some painting today.....
  2. Should I paint or not
  3. Arghhh my interior is soaked!
  4. REQUEST: black sedan with tsx rims
  5. Need an Opinion on picking a Grill
  6. Silver Civic Si Spoiler?
  7. FG2 rear seat removal with a twist..
  8. HFP Prices...
  9. Another Tint Question...(ceramic, 15% vs. 35%)
  10. Installed my HFP Lip, Love it !, but..
  11. trunk
  12. Caliper paint disaster!!! Help!!!
  13. PIC Request: Civic Si Sedan non-HFP front overlay?
  14. atomic civic 2d coupe
  15. Import Trenz Drag Spoiler in Si's OEM Holes
  16. ANyone In California Bay Area Swap Trunks?
  17. Sponsorships?
  18. Mod List Help
  19. When is it too late to clay?
  20. best lookling wheels on a 4D Habi
  21. Nailed a curb
  22. Showstoppersusa?? Anybody have any feedback on them?
  23. changing steering wheel, need a hub
  24. Disclaimer Inside!!!!
  25. Painting my valve cover, Need help!!!
  26. Mugen Visors
  27. HFP kit
  28. To ClearBra or Not to ClearBra, that is the question!
  29. grills
  30. Cabin Air Filters..?
  31. 2009 Bumpers / Trunks
  32. Removal of factory lip spoiler?
  33. grill on sedan
  34. Headliner Removal
  35. Can someone manufacture this S204-style lip for the FG/FA Civics?
  36. Vibrant Shift Knob
  37. Mugen window visors for Coupe??
  38. How many of you will get the new HFP body kit?
  39. will ti-c rub on touren (LIP KIT) for coupe?
  40. So I decided to sell my car.
  41. GrafiXpressions Center Caps QUESTION??????
  42. Grillcraft upper and lower grill installed
  43. Stock Horn Decibles = Freeway Blaster Decibles
  44. Si Spoiler on LX Sedan?
  45. how to remove/install your bumper?
  46. Key chip question
  47. Cutting the Grill
  48. Are EX and LX mufflers the same?
  49. DIY: Fog Light lenses, plastic and glass
  50. Full Nose Mask and HFP Kit?
  51. Mugen Style Lip or HFP lip
  52. Want to protect your paint?
  53. installing jdm badges..
  54. BLUEBAT Overlay Lip - DIY Video???
  55. "Mugen" License Frame
  56. Another sedan kit
  57. I want my GG sedan to not look like a grandma car
  58. Rear bumper repaint?
  59. ctr rpm gauges/ctr speedo gauges
  60. Quick question about spoiler
  61. NRG carbon fiber grill
  62. Mugen wing on coupe
  63. My Habby (lots of pics).... just had her birthday not bad for 2 years old
  64. decals on your si
  65. Seat Ventilation System
  66. rear HFP
  67. CF Hood on a NHBP??
  68. OEM si shift knob
  69. Battery tie downs
  70. Where do I find......?
  71. Weather Tech Visors worth it ?
  72. black leather seats and carpets in a tan interior?
  73. Bumper Sticker
  74. Front tie down
  75. has anyone done the cf grille?
  76. Cup Holder
  77. Key Conversions
  78. Japanese license plates for the R18...
  79. People with Full HFP kit set.. $$$
  80. Where can i get...?
  81. Spray painting fogs?
  82. removal of the entire dash????
  83. TWFA5.. Roof Rack?
  84. Removing the center console
  85. Colored Lug Nuts?
  86. Si Spoiler
  87. Am I crazy? I think the OEM spoiler looks better than the Si one
  88. Custom rear lip on fg2
  89. Spoiler?
  90. Debadging
  91. Finding NHBP Paint
  92. The color si grill looks much better than the chrome
  93. Rubber Trunk liner question
  94. wut do you guys think...
  95. rock chip aftermath!!
  96. JDM vs USDM rear end
  97. HFP front lip kit a little too big...
  98. Mugen Spoiler paint question
  99. my next uber rare bodykit
  100. HondaPartsDeals vs CollegeHillsHonda
  101. Splash Guards
  102. Rear Bumper Guard
  103. Bike racks?
  104. Rear window spoiler???
  105. HFP lip kit
  106. JDM Grill
  107. Honda OEM seat belt part?
  108. Sparco seats need help ASAP!!!!
  109. Those that have upgraded to the si grill
  110. Mugen bodykit for coupe?
  111. oem shift boot... can any help me?
  112. Slight scuffs to rear bumper - best way to buff out?
  113. Badge Opinions
  114. Hfp look a like for $499 on ebay
  115. FD2 conversion finally done
  116. Si Sedan Front Lips
  117. Two Topics: Shift knobs and Si Spoiler
  118. best place to buy hfp lip kit?
  119. 2.0 dohc turbo decal
  120. painted LX grill
  121. Anyway to make the paint match after an accident ?
  122. Choosing Tint %
  123. Coupe Headlights and Sedan Headlights
  124. For you coupe driving carbon fiber lovers
  125. Sedan LED tail lights
  126. Mugen Style Side Skirts...
  127. Black emblem on NHBP si grill? Need pics!
  128. What to do next....?
  129. Wing Problem
  130. 1st mod (tint)
  131. Found a cheaper price for JDM emblems
  132. FA5 to FD2 Body Kit
  133. door visors for coupe
  134. Wedge Engineering brackets - those with them, help!
  135. Si2Typ3R's HUGE Weekend Interior OVERHAUL.. (TONS OF PICS 56K FAILS)
  136. rear si emblem
  137. JDM emblems - one more time
  138. Some a-hole hit my car!!!! What to do!!!
  139. Need a mounting template for Si wing
  140. OEM Honda Navi Dash Trim Color Mismatch
  141. Paint From The Road on My New Car!
  142. how do you remove the stock rear-view mirror?
  143. Repairing Paint Chips
  144. JDM FD2 Spoiler
  145. stock rear diffuser question
  146. Problems when doing rear conversion
  147. BoombaRacing
  148. 3m Adhesion Promoter + Fresh Paint
  149. mugen style lip kit for coupe!
  150. si Grill question?
  151. Mugen Rear Diffuser
  152. custom shift boot
  153. Engine Dress Up Kits
  154. got a little bored today
  155. what do you keep in the storage / cubby holes?
  156. What do you guys think of where I put the "i-VTEC" trunk emblem?
  157. where to get jdm shift knob with boot??
  158. Rear JDm emblem for the deck lid spoiler???
  159. Jdm emblem
  160. Is it a dent or is it the paint?
  161. Si front grill on NHBP r18? Need pics!
  162. Coupe vs Sedan front bumper
  163. What color Wheels?VOTE!!!
  164. Tango Red matching paint: Special clear coat?
  165. Plastic grill covering the bottom of the sub in the trunk...
  166. My license plate....where shall i relocate it ??
  167. NHBP grill on a fiji?
  168. mugen spoiler
  169. plastic peice under the rear??
  170. Need jdm emblem help
  171. lx vs. ex muffler
  172. SI grille versus painting chrome grill
  173. Mugen Visors for Sedan?
  174. Missing one of these?
  175. Those who have JDM emblems
  176. JDM emblem overlay?
  177. Thanks GRFXP! Center cap decal
  178. Blue H emblem
  179. K2 Fog Harness
  180. super excited
  181. Torx size for bumper?
  182. Blacked out interior...
  183. Question about Sedan Si Trunk & Sedan LX Trunk
  184. hondapartsdeals..weird shipping charges?
  185. Taillight tinting
  186. Strutking pedal set
  187. AIT Racing Carbon Vented Hood
  188. After waiting so long
  189. Question about HFP Lip Kits!
  190. Can i see some civics with very light tint
  191. Atten: Barefoot Drivers (especially those with aftermarket dead pedal)
  192. Thinking of buying this front bumper...
  193. Bolt hole in Center of Bumper For Plate Holder :(
  194. question about lx trunk release
  195. Civic Badge
  196. Post Pic here -> HFP Style + P1 Style
  197. Damaged HFP Lip Should I be concerned?
  198. SI Concept Wing?
  199. Lamin-X how do they last?
  200. replace SI grille
  201. Removing the cup holder
  202. HELP. i need the templates for the hfp side
  203. Anyone have a side spoiler template?
  204. This may not be the proper site to do this, but....
  205. DIY EX Grille Pinstripe
  206. Question about HFP lip in T.O
  207. JDM Emblems - one more time
  208. Who will be the first?
  209. in search for passenger side mirror
  210. I'm pissed ! !
  211. Mugen rear bumper/lip
  212. All weather Floor Mats?
  213. What´s the weight of the HFP Front Lip
  214. Seat stuffing question
  215. so people don't know how to signal and turn.
  216. Grillcraft grill
  217. FA5 question - rear windows
  218. Help. Vote your opinion
  219. FD1 chrome fugly front grill,shall i paint it ? *opinions needed*
  220. Aftermarket Seat - Driver's side only
  221. Help! Si grille on a 4 door Lx
  222. New SI just got hit..need bumper, help plz
  223. LED newb question
  224. Polished Valve cover.
  225. I'm new at this, can someone help?
  226. Tints
  227. License plate mod?
  228. What do you think? JDM emblem or not??
  229. How Do You Think This Spoiler Would Look
  230. will it fit?
  231. Door Handle Scratches????
  232. What should I buy?...extra cash wants to be spent ;)
  233. Center Caps
  234. hood spacers or no hood spacers?
  235. question on hfp front lip
  236. SI to JDM FD1 project
  237. Question about civic seats...
  238. Sedan Decklid Spoiler Questions
  239. Opinions of future mods
  240. Removing airbag question please help
  241. need opinions!!!
  242. FBP Bats eyelids anyone???
  243. how to remove bottom grille of the front bumper????
  244. about tint ticket
  245. Red Honda Emblem
  246. Factory tints
  247. Awesome Deal on Mugen GPs!
  248. grills...
  249. Keyhole Covers
  250. Heres a quick question...