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  1. SI Sedan rear spoiler on a LX Sedan
  2. I want my screen to say "VTEC ready" or something like that...
  3. Interior LED Swap with video
  4. towing a bike....
  5. JDM Emblems
  6. Removing plastic grille?
  7. My Crazy new Spoiler... what do you think???
  8. dent, crack and rust?
  9. OEM carbon fiber look dash kit
  10. Powdercoated Intake Question?
  11. Feedback on the Injen Cold Air Intake for 2008 Si
  12. Photoshop before purchase..what do you think?
  13. Can anyone with a rear jdm fg1/fg2 emblem help me out?
  14. GrafiXpressions brake caliper decal
  15. ******* Vandalized
  16. Carbon Fiber "H" emblem.. would you buy one?
  17. little screw in key
  18. Where to purchase spray paint?
  19. Buying USDM Mugen Parts
  20. unhappy customer of
  21. huge hole in bumper :(
  22. Need help!
  23. Help!!!
  24. pin striped wheels
  25. What floor mats for the civic??
  26. help, how do u take off trunk lip off of lx
  27. mugen spoiler
  28. Re-Upholstering Front Seats...
  29. Front License Plate Mounting options
  30. Interior Illumination Kit
  31. Bumper Covers
  32. JDM Conversion Mugen Grille Anyone?
  33. Hood insulator?
  34. My Black 08 Si FA5, wheels
  35. anyone get the mugen door garnishes??
  36. The "Official 3rd Brake Light Upgrade" thread(56k
  37. Mudflaps? Or not?
  38. Tint in the Brooklyn area
  39. ABS plastic vs Fiberglass vs Polyeurethane
  40. 2006 Si coupe Carbon Fiber Trunk????
  41. 09 bumper
  42. Tint Pricing
  43. Curious?
  44. Rust on top sides of Both Coupe Doors.
  45. Right Side Trunk Siding Keeps Coming Off!
  46. weathertech
  47. Personalized Plates Arrived
  48. Custom 3rd brake lights?
  49. Front underlip air splitter
  50. $46 for an OEM Honda Civic airfilter!
  51. replacement dash's?
  52. I want a type r wing
  53. Front Grill Remodel?
  54. Kings Motorsports Wing
  55. HFP Side Underbody Spoiler Transportation Question
  56. R18 - Pictures of Engine Bays
  57. K20 - Picture of Engine Bays
  58. PICS; FA5 HFP and Tints
  59. jdm lumber support for type-r?
  60. LED Gauges colors?
  61. Body Kits for Sedan (With Pictures)
  62. Replica US Mugen wing on ebay! Should I get it ?
  63. Back emblems
  64. Aftermarket Spoiler and it's holes
  65. Greddy shift knob
  66. Mugen Replica Kit Questions
  67. just wondering
  68. QUICK question! need help asap!! =)
  69. Vis Carbon Fiber Trunk PROBLEMS!
  70. Custom Boot Stitching
  71. Clear 3rd Brake Light Upgrade for 06-08 Civic Si 2dr
  72. Royal blue preal hfp front lip
  73. Any One !!
  74. Anyone know how to Blacken your Headlights?
  75. anyone have led mirrors?
  76. Cheapest MOD Ever
  77. DIY: True Short Shifter (almost S2k)
  78. Civic Si side panel decals?
  79. Clear bra??
  80. Tail Light Tint Overlays
  81. All Season Floor Mats....
  82. Grafixpressions Center cap decals
  83. carbon fiber grill
  84. DIY : Cheap Cargo Net
  85. Jdm blue aqua clean mirror glasses
  86. Mugen wing with third brake light
  87. need pic front grille type r
  88. Just in case you missed episode #139
  89. Mugen Window Visor on Civic EX Sedan
  90. Is it possible to make a flip key for the Si?
  91. JDM 2.0 emblem
  92. Shift knob for those cold winter months
  93. front lip for four door 06 civic???
  94. is this too much?
  95. Trunk badges to replace the silver "Civic"
  96. HFP front lips for 06-08 Civics, Where to buy?
  97. Seibon Carbon Fiber hood!?!?
  98. Steering wheel silver trim gap...Normal?
  99. License plate placement
  100. Trying to find civic si decal!
  101. OEM Shift Boot Deteriorating
  102. Some new accessories for my civic
  103. Where can i get Carbon Fiber Gas Door?
  104. 08 accord seats in my si?
  105. will touch up paint cover this up??
  106. Window Tinting and Film brands
  107. I need help...bad
  108. Removing backseats on Sedans?
  109. Epoxy Crack on Carbon Fiber Part?
  110. sedan grille
  111. Future.....!!!????
  112. D.I.Y Rear H Blacked Out
  113. Were to buy CTR trunk?
  114. Just tinted my tails....
  115. How To: RDX Key with Working Remote
  116. Seats and Harness Bar....
  117. 09 Si Coupe Grill
  118. comptech s/h
  119. LED Map, Dome, and License
  120. Air Intake or Exhaust? Novice on M/T
  121. What's the thread pattern for the 07 Si shift lever?
  122. tinting
  123. Pic Request, Fiji Si with red H emblems
  124. looking for blue honda vinyl
  125. My New Grafixpression Stuff
  126. The Super Accessories Thread
  127. License Plate Frames?
  128. what is this a picture of....
  129. Roof bike rack
  130. ABS plastic
  131. Best choice for 4 door front bumper!!
  132. what i do to the lip spoiler trunk holes after new spoiler
  133. question about tint
  134. Plastic molding just below the wipers... (has a bunch of holes in it)
  135. 1st ticket ever
  136. Another interior and license plate LED light swap-out
  137. Hope not a repost!
  138. Anybody changed thier interior dome lights??
  139. Rolling your fenders
  140. installing harnesses for bucket seats
  141. lowering sstock seats
  142. Is This Possible?
  143. VHT Nightshades..
  144. How to take off FA5 spoiler??
  145. Rear (Back Glass) Decal?
  146. Ways to make your car smell bombies?
  147. Anyone Has Theses??(Side Mirrors)
  148. Grill Options for sedan
  149. AutCityImport & Ebay
  150. where can I get powder coating done?
  151. carbonfiber Trunk on NHBP fg
  152. A few updates
  153. Question-Sedan front bumper fit~
  154. cleanin our si seats?
  155. White HFP kit???
  156. Making a mold/casting... Need Help
  157. SI shifter plate badge
  158. Where to buy??
  159. Chrome CTR
  160. Not sure about mod, need opinions!
  161. Need Solutions for my Car's Color!
  162. Anyone know a legit tint place near fairfax VA
  163. Tint bubbles???
  164. Wimpy wimpy wimpy! (horn)
  165. California Window Tint
  166. mugen short shifter revision? how can you tell?
  167. Mugen SI Replica Spoiler
  168. HELP! I screwed up my dash!
  169. Password JDM seats
  170. wheel swap:)
  171. 09 sedan tinted tails
  172. Stock tires in winter
  173. How good was your paint job?
  174. rear spoiler??
  175. r18 skunk 2 knob SIDEWAYS?
  176. Modded Skunk2 shift knob
  177. side mirror light for 08 civic
  178. Rear H painted black?
  179. All red tail lights
  180. Screw cover
  181. 3M doublesided tape
  182. Bay Area shops
  183. Avic Z3 Double Din Nav/Stereo
  184. 2009 FA5 conversion..
  185. Look what CAME in the MAIL:)
  186. HFP CF lip cover!!!
  187. A few questions
  188. Carbon Fiber Lip
  189. Crappy interiors
  190. License plate relocater ?
  191. shift boot part?
  192. touch up paint?
  193. Scratch-fixing Questions
  194. Best Place for a Sparco Bracket
  195. takin rear bumper off
  196. Sunglass holder?
  197. how to take beeping noise off when key is in ignition but not fully turned?
  198. Cf grill
  199. Mugen kit for the R18 fd1..worth it or not?
  200. Help With GrafiXpressions!?!?!?!
  201. JDM Front end on a Coupe?
  202. VIS CF Wing RR
  203. Possibly RePainting my car
  204. How much does Full body repaint usually cost?
  205. Car Flags
  206. Possible the HFP rear lip will cover all this up?
  207. pic request ..... 08 4dr
  208. JDm sidemarkers....which to get
  209. Need some Help learning how to Remove these accessories
  210. Sound deadening my car tomorrow.. how to take front seats out?
  211. Camber kits, lower arms, tie bar, sway..
  212. Which lip to get?
  213. how much would it cost me?
  214. new hfp
  215. Quick quesion
  216. 2009 Bumper and grill upgrade
  217. JDM Emblems= Theft...?
  218. Heads or Shoes?
  219. CF installing question
  220. Site for stickers?
  221. Neo lugs ???
  222. REPLICA jdm window visor... thoughts [PICS]
  223. cf hood
  224. FD2 Red Lighting Accessory OEM
  225. SEMA show car build....
  226. Grill change.
  227. In of a new front bumber... not a cheap one
  228. Civic Badge in Grill on EX
  229. license plate to the side
  230. IXIZ Concept Hood Lift/Damper Review
  231. Interior Modification Help.
  232. taillight overlays
  233. Adhesive for HFP front lip?
  234. Aftermarket Heated Seats
  235. Japanese plate? Debating
  236. floor mat aluminum plate to save your mats, looks cool too
  237. Swapped seats, Airbag light on now.
  238. Leather Shiftboot on a Automatic
  239. Removal of EX/DX/LX spoiler?
  240. Sedan OEM Spoilers: Wing Spoiler vs Deck Lid Spoiler
  241. Carbonfiber doors??
  242. black suede headliner and A/B Pillars
  243. 08 Civic Si - Installing navigation????
  244. window visor question
  245. A Quick Axleback Question...
  246. j's racing wing + widebody
  247. Inside roof vibrating with music..
  248. Muffler Suggestions?
  249. What's the reason behind "Must install above 60 degree?"
  250. H Emblem question