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Inside and Out

  1. Has anyone painted their non si grill?
  2. New Generation Civic?
  3. Tint Pricing for Llumar, is this too High?
  4. Need Car Cover!
  5. Tint Taillights on RR coupe?
  6. Factory SI speakers
  7. Front Bumper Mod
  8. Type R Red Floor Mat
  9. Skunk2 70mm exhaust question
  10. Black EX or SI interior for LX?
  11. Neffy Wrapped chrome trim
  12. Splitter color??
  13. Type R/CTR/FD2 Conversion Kit
  14. '09/'10 FA1 grill onto FA5?
  15. Floor mats, need to know ASAP
  16. PolyUthrene HFP LIP??
  17. quick question on interior design
  18. Idea for the chrome trunk garnish...
  19. Smoked/Tinted lights question
  20. Foglight Switch Garnish Dummy buttons...
  21. Recommendations for nav system !!!!
  22. Ultimate rim decal...... help
  23. Carbon Fiber License Plate
  24. SEDAN Paint 09 FA5 Stockies Black or Not?!?!? Pics Inside Choped*
  25. Booooo! Tow hooks
  26. Hey i see alot of silver civic with that but should i do it?
  27. i-vtec dohc red or all black?
  28. chrome bar above license plate
  29. spiderman hangin from the tow hitch???
  30. Starting an 09 HFP AERO KIT Thread.. LETS POST PIX
  31. Front fender fell off
  32. "PERSONAL" steering wheel installed
  33. Old style dohc vtec decal
  34. Difference in fog lights
  35. Floor mats
  36. yellow or clear foggies?
  37. Tan push Clips on interior door panels?
  38. SI Spoiler brake light - red or clear light?
  39. where can i get wheels powdercoated in SoCal?
  40. Results DIY Red Suede Door Panel
  41. Graphix help
  42. blue honda emblems
  43. Type R Wheel Owner's Club.
  44. Blue DTRL?
  45. B MAGIC Body Kit Pictures PLEASE!!!!!!!
  46. horn mod - easy!
  47. stock H emblems
  48. Has anyone used their 8th user name as their radio's greeting?
  49. Which Bosch Icon model for Sedan?
  50. New Civic LX-S owner/member. Great Car! Seat question.
  51. Downforce DF-R Carbon Splitter Kit for the FA5 Sedan Si
  52. FG2 Front Bumpers
  53. Removed I-VTEC Decal
  54. red honda logos
  55. whats this thing called
  56. Installing The front emblem
  57. pwJDM Rear Tow Hook. Black | Red | Gold on CBP
  58. 2008 fg2 grill and fg1
  59. Red honda emblem
  60. Touch up Paint
  61. Switchin lx trunk for si would my lx brake light fir si??
  62. JDM Dash accessories???
  63. remove wing and new install
  64. Painted bumper ?
  65. Drop with body kit
  66. 09 black civic coupe engine help?
  67. Painting engine valve cover
  68. Going wingless help
  69. FD2 or Sk2 Shift Knob
  70. window tinting?
  71. what should i use to clean my exaust pipe?
  72. Rear wing spoiler template
  73. Replacement Shift Boot
  74. matt/flat black vinyl wraps
  75. Spoiler.... again?
  76. Trunk!!!!
  77. HFP Front lip
  78. any pics of hfp front and side only? (without rear)
  79. How much paint for a complete paint job
  80. Black H overlay
  81. new driver bottom seat cover / 07ex coupe?
  82. carbon fiber grille
  83. HFP Front lip civic si sedan 2009!
  84. better than stock?
  85. Someone hit my car, let me know what you think
  86. Upgrading seats
  87. To those who have retrofited hid projectors
  88. More Carbon Neffy Wrap pictures
  89. What did I do to the lights in my car??
  90. blown motor hellpp fg2??????????
  91. Mugen Style Spoiler?
  92. Want to tint my corner lights
  93. Trying to buy seat covers for my 08 ex sedan
  94. Exhaust Tip, what do you think?
  95. f*#ked up my steering wheel emblem
  96. How can I remove the factory Honda Sticker from the inner windows?
  97. JDM Red Badges on a Redline Orange Si??
  98. Paint my Embelm H's black!
  99. I tinted the headlights....
  100. OEM Moonroof on an FD?
  101. Sound Deadening... Is it worth it?
  102. Neon Green Emblems.
  103. Official 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber thread
  104. Thinking of going two toned!!!
  105. 3 Way Lighted Switch
  106. condensation inside the car?
  107. Carbon Fiber Hood and Trunk
  108. Is lamin-x street legal in california
  109. Attention FG2 with Whaletails
  110. Any Gray interiors with SI carpets?
  111. Rain Guards
  112. HFP Wing Spoiler for EX/LX
  113. Looking for a decent paint gun
  114. Little love from strong wind and a ladder
  115. will a hybrid lip spoiler cover si spoiler holes?
  116. Will a hybrid lip spoiler cover si spoiler holes?
  117. skunk2 vs. m1 abrams/circuit hero
  118. Paint options?
  119. whale tail?
  120. Fresh from Japan for my TWFG2 ;)
  121. K playground usdm mugen si replica spoiler!
  122. Custom Rear Diffuser
  123. 2dr and 4dr hood differences?
  124. Hood being re-painted
  125. door panels?
  126. Coupe vs. Sedan Trunk Tray - Same?
  127. Installing a front air splitter?
  128. 06-08 Body kits
  129. Spoiler
  130. Anyone want to split a PWJDM TowHook with me?
  131. ?front end?
  132. New Visor Installed!!
  133. Leather Bra?
  134. CHH horn upgrade work for 09 si?
  135. FA5: 1 - Mountain Lion: - 0
  136. Flat Black Honda Civic Si FG2?
  137. Fog Light Installation
  138. Pre-Production Yospeed Tow Hooks - Prototype I and Prototye II
  139. SI/EX steering wheel on LX?
  140. paint caliper or get brake covers?
  141. CAI= AEM vs INJEN
  142. help finding a picture of a car please......
  143. Rear fender/bumper side spacer removal
  144. Powder coating Mugen GPs in bronze
  145. Help identifying part # for interior piece
  146. fa5 cf trunk question
  147. 06-08 vs 09 Differences?
  148. Debadging Rear H
  149. shift boot to match black interior
  150. Cheapest online store to purchase OEM front Bumper for my 07 SI
  151. How much did you pay for your All Season Floor Mat
  152. Show off the INTERIOR of your Civic
  153. need help looking for volks rays sticker for rims
  154. need some HONEST input.
  155. Escort 9500ix help.
  156. Affordable Shift Boot Collar
  157. best place to buy 2009 front bumper
  158. How do I make my fog lights float.
  159. Small FYI info for the Accord Horn and the OEM Foglights.
  160. What do you guys about fogging / hazing and cleaning inside of windshield?
  161. js Underspoiler on 09 FG2 w/hfp
  162. 8th Civic licence plate frame
  163. taillight tint on ralley red
  164. EM1 SI wing on 09 4 door si?
  165. BRIDE Euro II..... Finally a new seat!!!!
  166. Evo style shark fin roof spoiler?
  167. Added a lil sumtin to my baby
  168. Licence plate Hole???
  169. radiator caps
  170. Need a Car Cover
  171. Official Manifold Cover thread
  172. 2 quick questions about bluebat's overlays
  173. help with window tinting
  174. CF Hood In Winter - Yes or No
  175. Mugen or Weather Tec Visor?
  176. Front Bumper Popped Out at Fenders
  177. Gear Knob Removal
  178. Cant find the sedan mugen lip kit!!!
  179. Paint Bronze wheels, black lip
  180. Post pics of your carbon fiber hoods!
  181. Gio's 09 PMM FA5ily Car
  182. Looking for those spike looking things on this evo??????
  183. warranty question about drilling
  184. new carbonn fiber trunk!
  185. 09 Civic Si Lip kit!
  186. For the real Honda Fan
  187. CTR replica spoiler
  188. Shift Knob Adapter
  189. Help a DING on the door!!
  190. looks like i have some work to do!
  191. Emblems
  192. My Oem Steering Wheel Emblem :( Peeling
  193. Ugly Ass Chrome Piece above license plate
  194. where can i find....
  195. Moving driver seat farther back
  196. How to keep shift boot from tearing?
  197. SHift Boot?
  198. Can the Type R spoiler fit the FG2?
  199. So...Who Has Leather Interior in their FG2?
  200. HID Help
  201. did anyone remove the chrome H from the steering wheel before applying the overlay?
  202. V2 Lip
  203. FG2 Rear Window Spoiler/Lip
  204. Turn Signal Paint Rubbing Off
  205. Pics of your J's racing aero splitter?
  206. 09 Grill Chrome or SI ?
  207. Drilling Holes for type R
  208. Hood Question
  209. Black Leather Seats?
  210. $390.00 H logo for steering wheel...
  211. any idea where to buy red jdm floor mats that fit an FG2 Si?
  212. ViS Racing; Fuzion style lip kit
  213. tryin to get "H" OVERLAYS FOR WHEELS
  214. Gauge Wireing help
  215. A little help..
  216. Anyone Install/Mount a Fire Extinguisher?
  217. painting
  218. weathertech visor coupe
  219. 2001 Civic trunk fabric.
  220. Painting over Chrome
  221. Tinting- I think I just answered a ton of questions. Sticky?
  222. intake manifold cover question
  223. tail light tints
  224. Rattling sound
  225. Difference between these two window visors
  226. 09 FA% w/ some exterior add ons
  227. Ticket!!!!
  228. OEM shift knob
  229. Steering Wheel "H" Emblem
  230. carbon roof on fa5
  231. removing the "H" on front grille
  232. FG2 Third Brake Light Tint or Replacement?
  233. Part # for neuspeed race springs.
  234. Mugen Spoiler
  235. 09' New Body Color License Plate trim
  236. To respray or not to respray?
  237. Wrinkle Red FG1 Cover? Has anyone done it?
  238. Visor Tape
  239. What? Brembos for 32.88% ??
  240. has anyone seen the transformer emblem?
  241. Type R Kit
  242. New carbon fiber grill
  243. bucket seats?!
  244. Trunk "H" Removal?
  245. How will these look?
  246. Rear HFP under Spoiler for SI
  247. Front splitter
  248. Lip Question
  249. kit kit kit FA5
  250. Mugen RR ADVANCED carbon fiber body kit