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Suspension and Brakes

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  1. ABS, Brake Pedal Vibration, Bumps
  2. S-techs springs
  3. Eibach Springs
  4. Need Advise.......On suspension
  5. Concern
  6. Hotchkis rear endlink question
  7. Here is my Alignment..Any Good?
  8. ISC Coilover and SPC control arm
  9. Buying Mugen Race springs!!!!
  10. important question please!!!
  11. Megan Racing H Brace the source of some noisy issues i was having!!
  12. Cheapest adjustable coilovers
  13. Best Coilovers for the money
  14. h brace, tie bars, and upper strut bar
  15. all I want from my upgrade is...
  16. brake squeak, not pad wear indicator or pad compound
  17. Keep my pro kit or go to coilovers?
  18. Performance Brake Pads?
  19. HFP suspension kit for si,my story.
  20. F2 coilover
  21. Anatomy of a Brake Pad
  22. Cheapest place to get Axxis Ults for an Si FA5?
  23. has anyone cut their springs?
  24. How Many Camber Bolts Do I Need?
  25. Camber kit Help??
  26. Camber - Skunk2 V2 - ProS Coil Overs
  27. NEED HELP Adjusting my D2 RS Coilovers
  28. Need Suspension/Alignment Expert!!Problem with rear Camber and Toe
  29. quick noob question
  30. xmas list for suspension
  31. Ground Control Coilovers
  32. tokico blue and eibach sportline springs
  33. Skunk2 pro-s 2generation or Neuspeed race spring
  34. Eibach Sportlines or Tien S-Techs
  35. StopTech BBK
  36. Review of AMR Coilovers for Civic SI 06~08
  37. HFP suspension HELP!
  38. Brembo Blanks for FA5
  39. Rotora Yellow
  40. Best struts to pair.
  41. Couldnt align the wheel properly with SPC camber kit
  42. Steering wheel vibrates when slowing down
  43. Best brakes for the money?
  44. Need help with harness bar!
  45. Creaking sound when turning
  46. eibach rear sway and stock endlinks
  47. What do I need to do inorder to be dumped?
  48. 06 HFP Alignment issues
  49. j's racing rear seat bars
  50. Better end link bolts?
  51. Brake upgrade: Megan candy red Caliper + Rear Rotor + SS Brake Line
  52. Questions about installing suspension
  53. What Do you need to be low.....
  54. skunk2 springs with what shocks??
  55. R18 drop, NOO camber kit, s-tech, sportline or prokit??
  56. oem si calipers
  57. Question for suspension guru's
  58. Top Hat 'Help'
  59. opinions on what shocks to pair with eibach pro-kit
  60. Bagged Sedans????
  61. stock dampers bearing help please
  62. Buddy Club racing spec evo dampers for fd1
  63. DD slammed on buddyclubs n+
  64. Coilover Dampening; Which has the most variable dampening?
  65. Suspension Sag?
  66. Which Camber kit is the best one? (rear)
  67. Pic Request: Coupe on Skunk2 Springs/ Tein S-Tech Springs
  68. Koni's + springs vs HFP vs Pro-S v2
  69. Sportline springs on mugen suspension 'Help'
  70. Password JDM Rotors
  71. Tires rubbing on fender liners
  72. Some great info!
  73. Question regarding Koni Yellow Shocks
  74. Toe issue
  75. Brakes....
  76. Good deal on Tein S-techs!
  77. Im on buddyclub n+ and im getting some wierd noises from the front?????!!!
  78. Pulling the trigger on a set of Koni Yellows - who to call?
  79. Koni Yellows/ Sportlines
  80. Rear camber kit
  81. Skunk2 Sport Shocks***** NEED HELP!
  82. Help!!!!
  83. Sportline price help!
  84. Sportlines
  85. this brakes gooood??
  86. Camber question
  87. Wheels First vs. Drop First
  88. Need advice selecting new brakes
  89. spc version 1 rear arm question
  90. spc version 2 adjustment
  91. skunk2 rear set up
  92. what do i need to slam ?
  93. rsx brakes swapable ?
  94. rear coils Skunk2 Pro-S Falls off
  95. sportline questions!
  96. will an rsx coilover fit on an civic coupe
  97. Car pulls to right: Help me list some possible issues?
  98. Koni Sport HELP
  99. ??? Ingalls Front Camber bolts???
  100. Request for someone who has BC racing coils and stock wheels!!!
  101. best tires for daily driving/ canyon/ track use???
  102. Chattering noise with new HPS front pads
  103. Skunk2 Camber Bushings
  104. Unusual Tire Wear
  105. hi everyone about brake padds
  106. Squeaking in front suspension! PLEASE HELP!
  107. Rear rotor question??
  108. S tech on non Si help!
  109. another skunk2 thread..but look at this
  110. OEM Brake Pads
  111. What springs should I get??
  112. HFP, camber bolts and alignment..
  113. Question about front only camber kit
  114. Ferodo DS2500 P/N?
  115. Stance GR+ Coils
  116. Brembo Blank Rotors and Street Brake Pads
  117. Thinking about buying Pro-S coilovers...
  118. ingalls rear camber kit
  119. break noise problem
  120. Eibach Sportlines Are Way Lower Then They Say...
  121. new EBC rotor and pads making odd sounds, is this normal?
  122. And the research begins- what is right for me?
  123. Tophat arrows quick question
  124. Wheel spacer Noise
  125. bbks help need advice
  126. Spring and Shock Combo vs. Coilovers
  127. Suspension Decision??
  128. need help rollin fenders!
  129. What should my camber be set at for track use!!! help!!!
  130. HFP suspension on Hybrid
  131. Spring Squeak?
  132. questions of sways and h braces
  133. s2 rear camber causing noise, any ideas?
  134. New friction discs, what you think?
  135. Mugen suspension on coupe?
  136. Used skunk2 coil overs
  137. Question.
  138. Vibration over bumps?
  139. megan racing or buddyclub coils??
  140. Coilovers to go HIGHER than stock height?
  141. stock si suspension. will it fit on non si?
  142. How to Seriously Screw Your Car's Handling
  143. Powerslot cryo rotors!
  144. Need Help With Springs.....
  145. What should i do? I hit a curb and now....
  146. My First mods
  147. HFP suspension kit or Eibach pro plus suspension kit?
  148. Decisons???
  149. Alternatives to coilovers
  150. help installing progress rear sway on r18
  151. how low to go?
  152. Showing my Civic some love
  153. dropped
  154. is it the endlinks?
  155. just lowered my car, now metal on metal rattle noise
  156. I want to lower my car... but I can't myself... cost?
  157. Just lowered Sedan....noises?
  158. Koni/front end help
  159. top hats part number
  160. Tein S-Techs VS Skunk 2 Springs
  161. HELP: ProKit and Stock Struts/Shocks Blown Upon Install?!
  162. Problem: Skunk2 Version 1 vs. OEM Upper Arm Dimension
  163. Need help picking lowering springs.
  164. HELP buddy club n+
  165. Anybody Mess with D2 coils?
  166. Need opinion...
  167. Bags
  168. SKunk2 lower springs?? which is which??
  169. porsche boxter s caliper
  170. street rays
  171. Question about lowering springs
  172. Anyone do their own alignments?
  173. Wilwood Brake Clearance
  174. Help Please.
  175. My before and after sportline drop
  176. TSB 08-001 Rear Camber. Si Exempt??
  177. Involved in an accident and axle breaks
  178. What are these??
  179. Alignment Question
  180. Negative camber is spec?
  181. Si vs EX suspension
  182. question about sportline install
  183. hawk hp plus put on
  184. Buying a used car with eibach prokit springs
  185. Will HFP or HPS Hawk pads work with OEM discs which is better ?
  186. Ksport coilover question
  187. Sintered Brake Pads for the Si - a new kind of pad
  188. HFP drop and new swaybar for EX
  189. SI vs. EX
  190. basic brakes pads to buy?
  191. Brake problem
  192. HFP Spring question
  193. Ferro Carbon vs. Ceramic?
  194. Buddyclub N+ suspension noise
  195. Need help, question about coils!
  196. Project Car No. 16
  197. Dumpped
  198. BC Racing BR Coilover
  199. Need a set of coils that drop at least 3"
  200. Just put on my neuspeed springs
  201. Brake Job From Hell (2008 Si)
  202. KWor ST coilovers
  203. Visible front strut bars?
  204. making solid motor mounts help please
  205. SI Sway bar
  206. Has anyone used the Tein spring silencers?
  207. help with skunk2 part number
  208. EBC rotors?
  209. pillar bar love
  210. Skunk2 Springs??
  211. Ride rough and bouncy
  212. Rear Camber kit - stock suspension SI Sedan
  213. Squeek when turning wheel
  214. alignment issue (need help)
  215. Koni Yellows
  216. skunk2 pro s coilovers, popping rear after lowering a lot?
  217. Brake Squeel
  218. HFP install time
  219. Best drop on lowering springs?
  220. Q'S {SKUNK2 Springs}
  221. Lowering 1" on lx sedan?
  222. New struts
  223. 06 Coupe chewing through tires
  224. Lowering opitions
  225. Buddy Club Camber Arms??
  226. about to lower on skunk2 springs.. cut bump stop?
  227. new lowering springs did not work?
  228. Slammed with S2 version 2 arms? Check in here!
  229. Any differences in rear camber arms?
  230. what do i have to do to get a question asked around here
  231. Koni users - quick questions for autocrossers
  232. Anyone ever bought HFP from Temecula Honda in souther california?
  233. Suggestion on Decision
  234. Difference between struts
  235. is there better sway bar end links out there
  236. i am soo noob. someone help me please.
  237. Wilwood BBK installed! Stock rims not happy..
  238. Noise when pulling out of parking spot after coilover install
  239. Which would be the better option
  240. Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bar installed on my Si. Review
  241. Need new shocks
  242. Coupe & Sedan suspension interchangeable?
  243. Drop dilemma
  244. Any good Alignment shops in Riverside/ Inland Empire
  245. sway bar question
  246. Mixing Brake Types
  247. SKunk2 Camber Arms HELP
  248. Civic SI and LX same chassis?
  249. Steering problem from car being to low?!?
  250. pics of lowered on skunk2s