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: DIY Honda Civic Engine

  1. DIY: Si Alternator Replacement
  2. DIY: Cylinder Head Rebuild
  3. DIY: R18 PCV Valve replacement
  4. "My Way", DIY coolant flush R18
  5. Rick Spec'd intake install for dummies.
  6. DIY (VIDEOS): ProSport Boost/AFR Gauge & XLR8 Dual Gauge Pod
  7. DIY: Porting & Polishing a Throttle Body (Video Tutorial)
  8. DIY Timing Chain Removal
  9. Engine/K&N Typhoon air cleaner DIY
  10. R18a1 auto motor to manual car
  11. DIY R18 colder short ram intake Warning NEEDS BATTERY DROP RELOCATION
  12. Report: RA18 starter replacement, auto trans.
  13. DIY thermos catch can for about $50
  14. Paint your R18 Valve Cover the RIGHT WAY!!!! (VHT Wrinkle Black Paint) LOTS OF PICS
  15. DIY: Catalytic Converter Removable Section
  16. DIY: J37 throttle body and P2R adaptor SPECS&INFO!!!
  17. D.I.Y Engine Breather R18
  18. DIY: 06-11 Civic Si P2R TBS w/J35 on RBC
  19. Boomba Rear Mount Trick
  20. How To: Wire a Bosch Pump for Your Aftercooler
  21. DIY / Guide - Turbocharging your 8th gen Si - beginner's guide
  22. R18 motor mount diy
  23. DIY single-port BBG: No kit required
  24. RoBear Full Rear Mount Review & Install DIY Civic Si 06-2011
  25. DIY - Skunk2 Cold Air Intake Install Guide
  26. DIY PW:JDM Powerchamber CF Intake 06+ Civic Si
  27. R18 Spark Plugs Change DIY
  28. DIY: Battery Relocate w/ tiedown
  29. NST idler pulley bearing replacement
  30. How to Install Boomba Racing Motor Mounts for R18
  31. DIY: Replacing Knock Sensor P0325
  32. DIY: Manual Boost Controller Installation (Forge Boost Controller)
  33. recommend spark plugs
  34. DIY:Relocate oem battery, and converting SRI to CAI..
  35. DIY: Full size battery with PW:JDM relocate kit
  36. Hybrid Racing Silicone Radiator Hose Installation on R-18
  37. DIY Walbro fuel pump NEW & IMPROVED
  38. DIY: Hasport Mount Kit install (pic heavy)
  39. DIY: Extend your Primary o2 sensor
  40. DIY intake resonator removal(sounds like a CAI)
  41. DIY Full-Race exhaust fg2 install*56k GTFO*
  42. DIY: Painting Intake Manifold Cover V2
  43. DIY BPi Velocity Stack (pic heavy)
  44. DIY: Spark Plug Access
  45. DIY: Throttle Body Calibration Procedure
  46. DIY: Kiddracing Test Pipe with spring
  47. Lowe's oil catch can diy nozzle
  48. DIY Torque Mount Injection
  49. DIY: Install R18 Header (56k NO WAY!)
  50. Sw0ggD0gg Motor mounts, no waiting for poly to dry! under $20 !
  51. skunk2 throttle body an intake manifold
  52. DIY: Quick and Easy OEM Filter REplacement
  53. DIY: Fuel Pressure Guage Intsall
  54. DIY: RDX Injector install
  55. DIY: P2R Fuel Rail
  56. Innovative Motor Mounts DIY
  57. DIY Engine Breathers!!!!!!
  58. 06+ TSX TB (Install+Info)
  59. R18 NST Pulley Install EVERYTHING COVERED (pic heavy)
  60. DIY: $20 etd
  61. DIY: for the pwjdm powerchamber intake.
  62. DIY: rockmans 'how-to' Intall Hondata/P2R Intake Gasket
  63. How to Install the Throttle Body Spacer for the R18
  64. DIY: Tb coolant bypass mod the easy way
  65. DIY SUPPLEMENT: Si Oil Change (noob style).
  66. power stick
  67. DIY: Primary o2 sensor replacement
  68. Diy: Install weapon r r18 intake manifold
  69. DIY: CVT transmission fluid change
  70. DIY $4cdn/$3usd Cabin Air Filter
  71. DIY: P2R TBS and gaskets
  72. DIY: P2R EGR Block off plate install
  73. DIY: Valve Cover Removal...
  74. DIY: Mishimoto radiator and hoses install
  75. DIY: Short Ram Intake for the R18
  76. Walbro fuel pump DIY
  77. NOS Bottle Install... Lots Of Pics
  78. DIY: Oil change w/fumoto quick drain valve **PICS***
  79. full DIY: R18 engine pull, clutch replacement *pic heavy*
  80. DIY: NST Pulleys for Civic Si
  81. DIY: Replace Radiator Hose
  82. DIY Acrylic TBS FTW!
  83. K24/K20 Frankenstien swap - What needs to be done!
  84. DIY: Civic A/C Cabin Air Filter Replacement!
  85. DIY Cat-Back Exhaust S.I. 06-08
  86. Fujita SRI Install DIY
  87. DIY: Fujita Short Ram part #1926 on my 2007 R18...(34 pictures)
  88. DIY: Painting your R18 Engine cover and more (Pictures)
  89. 06+ Civic SI Ingalls "Stiffy" Engine Torque Damper Install (LOADS of pics)
  90. DIY: Megan Racing Midpipe install
  91. DIY: Compression Test! Lots of pics
  92. DIY CTR Valve Cover
  93. Removing the Intake Resonator
  94. DIY:JDM Black oil dip stick
  95. Homemade Icebox Intake
  96. X intake DIY + Install vids + AFR and Dyno Comparisons
  97. DIY Intake Video...The Moment You Guys Have Been Waiting For.........
  98. DIY: Upgrade Your Battery.....By:07mugencivic (no56k)
  99. DIY - Replace your factory stock air filter with a K&N one (10 pics)
  100. DUST/POLLEN filter change
  101. DIY - Fog Light Opening, Vent Conversion
  102. P2R spacer and gaskets install
  103. K&N filter install
  104. *DIY-HONDATA IMG Install-Q Style
  105. Another "Power from Battery to Trunk" DIY
  106. DIY Air & Cabin Filter Replacement
  107. DIY: Installation of YoSpeed Battery Tie
  108. DIY--DCRH Install
  109. Painted Intake Manifold Cover
  110. DIY: Si axleback on DX/LX/EX
  111. DIY: Modify Skunk2 exhaust hangers
  112. R18 NST pulley kit DIY
  113. DIY Custom exhaust
  114. fuel pressure guage diy k20
  115. DIY: JDM engine cover
  116. DIY: Throttle Body coolant by-pass...
  117. NonStopTuning (NST) K20 SI Kit DIY, Pics, Dynos...
  118. DIY: Comptech SS Install
  120. DIY: Injen CAI install on R18 (lots of pics)
  121. Oil Change DIY