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Bolt-Ons And All-Motor

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  1. Where to sell?
  2. R18 with no muffler, should I also delete the resonator and just straight pipe it?
  3. What Cold Air Intake?
  4. Q300 coupe on a sedan
  5. Any shop willing to install my header with test pipe!?
  6. Issue with hybrid racing upper radiator hose
  7. Estimated whp with Listed mods please give opinions!
  8. Driver's Side Hood Seal And General Engine Bay Cleanliness
  9. Bolt-Ons or CT Supercharged ?
  10. Help
  11. WHP from Full Bolt Ons + Custom Tune
  12. General Questions about FlashPro and BoltOns?
  13. Thoughts on Ebay CAI
  14. Skunk2 cams and valve spring question
  15. Spoon Yellow Valve cover
  16. NST has come out with under drive pulleys UDP for honda r18 again!
  17. Correct belt for k20 with no AC compressor (AC Bypass)
  18. Floor Jack for motor mount installation
  19. Skunk2 Alpha Header dyno numbers on stock Civic Si???
  20. Bolt-On Budget in GTA (Canada)
  21. E-dyno, Tune, & more power.
  22. Civic r18: Injen intake vs RV6 downpipe
  23. Stock exhaust with race header?
  24. Mods
  25. Anyone transition from K24/20 to FI?
  26. Best Throttle body for my future setup???
  27. Anyone from columbus Ohio?
  28. fg2 Full Race Exhaust on an fa5
  29. Stock Rev Limiter vs 2 Step
  30. Flashpro got rid of the flu
  31. Full Race Exhaust Sounds
  32. Cold Air Intake ?
  33. Hasport motor mount
  34. Rbc ported
  35. Exhaust install difficulties. Help!
  36. Greddy emanage ultimate
  37. What kind of power would i get if i put the weapon r intake manifold on my r18?
  38. What size for flex pipe, help
  39. 08 fg2. Time for parts
  40. Rrc manifold and j35 tb
  41. Sc vs boost k20 opinion!!
  42. question for you guys
  43. Is it worth it to dyno intake exhaust
  44. Best route for si powerwise
  45. Supporting mods and flashpro
  46. Emissions and cel
  47. Can I use 7 degree supertech keepers?
  48. Fg2 270+whp
  49. K24 w/ K20Z3 Oil Pump?
  50. Drag Cartel 2.2 or DIC for a stock k24a2?
  51. 250-300hp in FA5
  52. Skunk2 Cai
  53. R18 Civic with Bolt-Ons + VitViper Tune
  54. Mustang dyno.
  55. Fg2 build
  56. Vibrant header with HFC/ Full race 3" combo?
  57. track car
  58. HydroShield on Injen CAI
  59. Header advice: Vibrant catback with Skunk2 alpha??
  60. Which Injectors?
  61. Straight to the horses mouth
  62. What header can you get with a HFC?
  63. cmc and experience of change
  64. Beginners bolt-on advice?
  65. K-tuned Header hp/tq gains
  66. What's next, if anything
  67. Unique cylinder pairings = change in exhaust tone?
  68. Replacement of catalytic converter (down pipe)
  69. Invidia Exhaust Question
  70. Awaiting arrival!
  71. How does my passenger side motor mount look?
  72. Suggestions Welcome
  73. got my Bolton's ready but
  74. Wanting to get into modding, need help
  75. About to order some parts
  76. idle problem please help
  77. Skunk2 + q300, just an FYI
  78. Low Dyno Number with k20/24 Setup, Advice??
  79. Not an SI thread - Best Mod's for 2006 Civic SEDAN
  80. Cold air intake or short ram?
  81. Catalytic converter replacement
  82. Drone while shifting
  83. Injectors for k24a2 with bolt-on's?
  84. High comp K20 + E85 solution (DIY)
  85. Map recommendations
  86. Bolt on help! Parts I've considered and install worries.
  87. kinda a bolt on question
  88. mod list
  89. Magnaflow Exhaust System Part #16687
  90. Help Identifying Borla Exhaust?
  91. which defouler for my car
  92. Spec D exhaust 2002-2005 on civic si 2008
  93. K Tuned header quality check?
  94. K20z1 intake cam and k24a2 exhaust cam
  95. Will i max my injectors out
  96. Indivia q300 from a 2dr onto 4dr
  97. Im so confused
  98. Which mods first?
  99. intake manifold question
  100. R18: Do I need FP? Setup is I/E, getting header soon.
  101. Which is the better turbo for a R18?
  102. snapped breAther hose inlet during SRI install
  103. Power Gains
  104. intake without tune ?
  105. RRC manifold ported, Bored throttle body question, help!
  106. Basic Maintenance for Bolts Ons...
  107. Skunk2 70mm vs 76mm
  108. Don't know what map to use
  109. J37, RRC, Rick spec'd, nst, flashpro, Tsudo, vit viper
  110. what sensor is this?
  111. Exhaust question
  112. went from whale penis to injen cai, but problem!!
  113. Bee r rev limiter
  114. Trailer Hitch with Q300 exhaust
  115. 92-00 civic N1 axleback fit a 8th civic?
  116. CA Legal Bolt Ons ???
  117. Moroso Oil Pan in 8th civic installed and explained
  118. Need help finding a drag header/cat delete for 07 SI Sedan
  119. Need some advice on injector choice
  120. new car what mods
  121. Dat J37 Review
  122. modification suggestions
  123. Pass emissions with this set up?
  124. Sound like a good build?
  125. Intake Manifold and Header?
  126. Downpipe emission testing
  127. Freshly rebuilt k20z3 and no Vtec
  128. Full bolt-on fa5 vs acura tl?
  129. Video overview: Hybrid Racing shifter, cables, em1cmc+ intake tricks
  130. Civic SI full bolt-ons vs srt4
  131. Clutch Upgrade
  132. R18 N/A motor upgrades
  133. What is the most power made on a stock k20z3 bottom end
  134. NST pulleys on stock civic si ?
  135. Steering Rack Bushings
  136. Skunk2 Alpha Header install
  137. Skunk2 exhaust
  138. OEM EX Cam Gear Question
  139. Stage 2 cams for 08 civic si
  140. My K20z3 motor blow, looking into buying a k24. Which one should I get?
  141. short shifters, are they worth it?
  142. New Hybrid Racing Performance Radiator Cap
  143. full race and hybrid racing cold air intake
  144. Tach Drops While Accelerating
  145. any tips for removing rear hasport mount?
  146. How can i add up more horsepower
  147. Oil Life Error?
  148. How can I make my civic purrr?
  149. noobie k20 bolt on/flashpro help
  150. Need advice on intake to get
  151. Exhaust for cng civic
  152. rsx vs my civic
  153. Approximate horse power
  154. Maximum power gains!?!?
  155. hasport rear mount
  156. 06 Ex - What should i do?
  157. Catalytic Converter Replacement
  158. Some real basic intake questions :)
  159. 09 Si valvehead swap on an 08 1.8
  160. i need advice please
  161. OEM K20z3 Internals Or OEM Type R Internals
  162. Wil this make my shifter feel like an sti shifter?
  163. N/A Set up direction?
  164. Supercharged r18
  165. So I got the eBay "tsudo" exhaust. It's way too loud, and my mileage has tanked.
  166. How's your TWM Performance Short Shifter?
  167. hybrid racing
  168. hello everyone
  169. rrc intake manifold
  170. k20/24 build
  171. reflash with hps intake hose
  172. Skunk2 axleback
  173. Stock CAI mods: Ram air like the Zs?
  174. Just pm vit about some parts want you thoughts!!
  175. Hytech oil pump install help
  176. Need some advise on parts to order!
  177. Tsx cams help!
  178. hasport rear + full race exhaust + skunk2 alpha ftw
  179. Rrc+Hybrid TB+?
  180. R18 custom exhaust
  181. What's the opinion on the rick spec v2 intake?
  182. Kpro vs Flashpro.
  183. New K20z3 Or Rebuild Same K20z3? Please Help!
  184. Can I get 230-240 with these parts and good tune
  185. possible to hit 230whp with bolt ons only?
  186. need a new exhaust need brands?
  187. R18 Test pipe
  188. just wondering about mods
  189. Free Dyno Test in Flint, MI
  190. SRI Intake question.
  191. Built K20z3 thread
  192. P2R TB spacer RPM surge
  193. P2R TB spacer no gasket???
  194. k20 bolts on for a k24?
  195. Excelerate 3 in exhaust problems ..HELPP!!!
  196. Install cost for cat-back, header and motor mounts
  197. Smog check with boltons
  198. Put My Si on the Dyno
  199. Headers with cat?
  200. Headers for an si!!!
  201. cat converter question
  202. Question about horsepower, can anyone help
  203. Needing help with what parts I need...
  204. Name brand Vs everything else
  205. Thinking of a new cold air intake
  206. Opinion on fuel return setup
  207. K20/K24 Frank Swap!
  208. Is this intake/exhaust worth the buy?
  209. MPG after I/H/E and FP
  210. Thoughts Anyone?
  211. Questions about flow (head and IM)
  212. Best I/H/E Combination?
  213. Wierd. Exhaust got quieter.
  214. upgrading from an r18.
  215. Skunk 2 76MM/Alpha Header/Hybrid CAI Vittune=?
  216. Expected gains from next mods...
  217. I have skunk2megapower 76mm exhaust and skunk2 header do I need mounts
  218. wanting to do the rsx type oil pump change on my 2008 civic si
  219. New to the game
  220. Bolt-On Advice (What next?)
  221. Si mods on that ex!
  222. IM, J35, intake, stock exhaust?
  223. Easiest way to 160HP
  224. Threw an afe intake on today
  225. fa5 modding order assistance.
  226. Missing a tube from my intake?
  227. Radiator Fans
  228. Turbo set up and supporting mods
  229. Engine Balance
  230. how much power? ALL MOTOR
  231. DC Header + AEM SRI + FlashPro
  232. Which upgrades would you choose?
  233. About to hit 100k! Should I switch to synthetic?
  234. Good performance shop in Kitchener Waterloo?
  235. What is "ips k2"
  236. 07 civic si exhaust (Help Please!!)
  237. numbers please
  238. DIC cams
  239. Mugen RR kit vs HFP kit
  240. Deatschwerks Injectors
  241. Finally i will have my car tuned !!!
  242. Building my 07 si , need good criticism
  243. My Friend's Fully Built K24/K20 Frank setup
  244. Civic Si lowered?
  245. RH/E and motor mount install prices
  246. skunk 2 intake manifold
  247. Civic si vs Civic si (tuned)
  248. Hybrid Racing CAI!
  249. r18 performance
  250. Hondata Flashpro+ Vit Tune Ultimate Tune!!