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Opticon just put it into 1st gear on 8thcivic
Originally Posted by facivic06@aol.com View Post
yea. ok here we go step by step of what i here. as i put the clutch in and give it gas and then let the clutch out slowly at a certain point (and its the same point every time) there will be a load CLICK from the front left wheel area. ok then if i where to do the sam thing but going in reverse it will do the same thing. and it will do it when i down shift from 3rd to 2nd and normal speeds.
hmmm interesting, my 90 honda accord does the same thing and ive looked it over tonight and i found 2 busted motor mounts. all the suspenion is good. when i change my motor mounts and it stops, ill definitly let u know if that was the problem.
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