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Originally Posted by Terma View Post
Ok so recently I have taken a serious interest in bikes... I have been looking at the Honda CBR600RR with awe. Don't get me wrong, I love my Si to death and wouldn't trade it for any other car but the CBR is just so tempting to buy...

I owe NOTHING on my Si and if I traded it in I would be getting money back.

I have ridden a friends R6 and I liked it quite a bit... I was just wondering if anyone has had/has a CBR and can give me a person opinion on it or some helpful info to making a good decision.

EDIT: I forgot to add that my girlfriend works at Staples and she recently had a couple that owns a bike shop in a town an hour away and she told them I was looking at buying a bike and they gave her their card and said, "We can order almost any setup he wants."

if it were me, i wouldnt do it because from experience, later on youll kick your self in the ass. winter time, ull be like "omg mom can i borrow your buick? its too cold to ride today" or "i cant come to work today because its raining". dude, take my word and dont do it, try to take out a loan and get it or something, just dont trade the civic. plus youll get tired of riding everyday. trust me, you will regret it but thats IMO
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