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passyouby just put it into 1st gear on 8thcivic
I initially went with the AFM mapping, with the Hondata Stock Tuned mapping. The car seemed to wake up a bit. I drove around with that mapping for awhile, but it just did not seem smooth enough.

I found another MAP calibration that was ok for a stock setup...and that mapping seems much smoother in the power delivery.

with both maps, it was a 4350 vtec window....power down low seems improved with both, but the MAP callibration I have just seems smoother. The car still has some issues that need to be ironed out when it's cold. 2nd gear can get a bit jerky, like stock was, when the engine is still warming up. That's not much different from the stock mapping lol.

Only thing with the MAP mapping is that the Oil status will not be accurate, not a big deal. I've also read about issues with the gas meter, but you can search about that.

I can send you the calibration if you want. Only modification that I have is a smoothed out airbox....stock otherwise.

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