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Originally Posted by jmw1112632 View Post
Looked up edmunds True Market Value and it comes up as $15,701.
Well, there you have it. You can try low-balling them by a grand or two, and see what they do. There's always room for negotiation, but it depends on your skills, and your willingness to walk away and keep looking if you don't like their price.

If they took the car in on trade, they paid a few grand less for it, but probably had to do some repairs/reconditioning to make it a CPO car, which adds a bit to their cost, not to mention the CPO enrollment fee. (Assuming this is a Honda dealer, and they aren't running a scam like College Park Honda did to that other guy.) Naturally, they'll want to make as much off of it as they can, but the longer it sits on their lot, the more they want to move it.

Ask to see the service records, which will have the repair order for the repairs/inspection they did when the car was CPO'd. This will tell you how long they've had it, which is useful information when negotiating.
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