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Intermittent IMA and Check Engine light

My 2009 HCH has 51k miles on it. Recently I'd started to get an intermittent check engine light, and IMA light (sometimes just check engine). I took it to the dealer and they indicated that they did something software wise, but that if it continued to happen, I might need a new battery. Initially the problem seemed solve, but now they intermittence is back. Last couple of days, the lights have not appeared; however, I suspect it will come back. Car appears to be fine, and my mileage is pretty consistent with what I've seen over the life of the car.

Am nearing the end of 3 year lease (3/2012). I purchased an extended warranty at lease signing (via Honda Finance) as I purchased extra miles on the lease. Would the battery be covered?

Should I bring this back to the dealership? What's the danger of riding this with the IMA and check engine warning?

Any feedback is appreciated.

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