Do-It-Yourself Rear Speaker Install Guide

2006 Honda Civic (EX Coupe)

Written By: Lewis Franklin

Needed tools

Before you begin

  1. Turn on your car and turn down your stereo all they way and then turn it off. The new speakers you are installing will probably have a different sensitivity and so its better to start soft and work your way back up.
  2. Identify a storage point. Place all of your tools in the same location and all of your screws and removed small pieces in same location. This will help you not lose anything.
  3. Know Thy Car - Before you begin working on your car, I recommend taking the time to read through this guide and identifying all the parts and locations I mention on your own vehicle before you begin. This should help you to feel more comfortable with each step and being able to have a good overall understanding rather than having to hope you understand the next step before you get to it.

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